Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I am watching tv at the internet cafe and it is sweet. I am watching a show called "zenmai samurai" zenmai means spring and the main character is a windup samurai. His sword and special technique have to do with dango, which are boiled rice balls that are then stuck on a stick and grilled like yakitori. i had them with tomity when we went to this temple. they are tasty. speaking of tomity, i havent ridden my bike in far to long, I am just wiped when i get home from school. speaking of getting home from school, I got a package from home yesterday. It had some underwear and like 3 pounds of chocolate. i am stoked.  about school, there was a math test today, the stuff was really easy, but I didnt have time to write my answer because I took a long time writing everything out so technically i failed the one question quiz, but since I am an exchange student I didnt have to stay in detention like everyone else who failed until 5. that is rough. I walked to teh station with one of the kids who didnt fail. nice kid. When ever I walk in the halls I get giggles from girls and heys from guys. A group of guys keeps telling me to join the rugby team, but since I turned down the judo team because I didnt really want to get the shit beat out of me, I turned down the rugby team too. judo would have been really cool, but id rather meet a bunch of new people first. not much else to say.

mata nee



At 1:11 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

So glad you got the package. sorry that you have not ridden your bike, but maybe there will time later when your school schedule settles down.

Rugby? I never would have thought of that as a Japanese sport.

And I'm so glad that you can avoid detention with the "foreigner: get out of jail free card."

love, mom

At 3:36 AM, Anonymous old fat dad said...

Zenmai Samurai sounds great, takes me back to the TMNT days. can you get on the bike this weekend, at least? And what is the math, is it calc at all or pre-calc or...? yes, getting whacked in rugby definitely doesn't sound like fun, but maybe judo would be kinda cool? _And_ a way to meet folks...well, guys. Or is there judo for women, there is in the Olympics!

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