Tuesday, February 20, 2007

旅 tabi trip

I am on the road, currently logging in from a netcafe in Hiroshima.
I spent several days with the professor in Okayama, saw some sites, and then went to Hiroshima, where I am staying at a youth hostel. I have one more night there, and after that I will probably go home.
I can't really describe the things that I have seen and done because there were some really really amazing things.
I am thinking about doing a bunch of short trips in Japan staying at Japanese youth hostels hopeing that I get the good luck that I had with them. Spend the whole time talking with Japanese!
My travel companions:
Yuko, female, 22, goes to school quite near me in Tokyo.
Ken, male, 36, photographer from Kobe.
I was walking around the big peace park after I got into town, but before I went to check into the hostel. I had put my bag into a locker, so I was fine. I was taking a picture (with the analog) of the peace torch, and Yuko walked into the frame in the background. 'No biggie', I think. I put the roll into a 90 minute developer, and go to check into the hostel. (I walked all around the park and into the museums, and had some really nice converstations with some Koreans, all in Japanese, which was kinda weird, mostly due to the incredible truth and profoundness of what they said, but I wont go into detail.) I check in, and decide to go eat something (okonomiyaki!) walking down the hill to the station, and who is walking up? The girl who walked into my picture! I eat, get my pictures, and go home. I meet her in the lounge, and gave her the picture, we start talking, talk for a long time, and then Ken, who I was sharing a room with, comes in and joins the conversation. We all talked for a long time, and decided that we would all go together in Ken's car to Miyajima, and see all the things there! We go to the island (yesterday) and it was just amazing. I can't really describe a lot of the things that we saw, and even photos wont do a great job. I will post some pictures later. That takes the whole day, we go out to eat okonomiyaki. Come home, sit in the lounge drinking for about 2 hours.
Today, Ken drove us to the station, where Yuko and I got out, I said goodbye to Ken, and Yuko and I (she would later meet him again, he is driving her up to Kyoto, just past where he lives) got on the train to go to out destination. We get to the station, and we parted, because she was going to the maritime museum, and I was climbing a mountain to go to the brush museum! We are going to hang out again back in Tokyo.
It took a damn long time to get to the museum, but it was awesome! Spent about 2 hours there, and bought some brushes. That area is very famous for brushes, probably because of the number of animals that live in that area, but I dont know.
I bought 6 brushes for 15550 yen (120 US)!!!
I plan on giving 1 of them to each of my two teachers ( I bought special ones for them) and then got 4 of different types and sizes and all sorts of different things most people dont know about.

gotta go get some money so that I can eat more okonomiyaki!



At 4:58 AM, Blogger nan said...

Glad you're having some fun!

Hey, if you become an architect, you could design an addition on my house! Someday I may want a studio/rental space built on?? Who knows?

And my architecture philosophy, which you may not care about:

Somehow, the scale and user-friendliness of buildings has become messed up. Architectural details, when they are designed within the scale of the building, somehow work. My grandparent's house was big, but didn't seem like it as the scale in & out was consistently large. I've noticed that about ancient buildings---you just don't get the scale of them until you see how dang BIG they are in person. Seems same west-east. The old temples in Japan are on a pretty large scale, but the proportions work and are still humane. Lots of modern buildings just seem to dwarf humanity instead of being functional. Or the "functional" ones are just ugly and un-inviting. So, can you design a project/building and incorporate brush strokes and ikebana???



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