Thursday, January 04, 2007

I am really this dumb?

Lots of people tell me I am/taking this way to serious.
Everyone tells me to relax, kick it back, be more fun.
I thought what I was doing wasn't serious, I thought I was relaxing, I thought I was fun.
I was wrong.
I am really going to be so pathetic as to ask how to relax and be fun?
Yes. How do I relax and be a fun person?
I won't be deported which means that I essential am here until the 22 of March.

What am I doing wrong? Am I doing something wrong?

What am I doing?


At 1:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,

Take a long time to do something simple, like an hour for a cup of tea.

I'm glad to hear about the possibility to stay in Japan. Who provided the information?

Shall I book your flight to come home at the end of my spring break, so we can come back together?

love, yr ma

At 3:33 AM, Anonymous Adam 'Aussie' Goff said...

What about a day in Yokohama. It looks nothing like the rest of Tokyo. Not Yokohama itself, one station out...can't remember the name of it. The one with the huge ferris wheel and funky buildings.
G'day Ma, I'll make sure Peter relaxes properly before he comes home.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger MasterTaco said...

The stop the Adam person above me in talking about is 桜木町 and it is indeed just an awesome place to chill and relax ^^ They even have an 85th(or 87th, can't remember) floor observatory ^_^
It's pretty cool, and they also have a ton of parks for just walking or whatnot.
One other place where I love to relax is 代々木公園, especially on Sundays when they have bands and food and stuff, it's pretty cool ^_^


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