Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Post 200.

I finally wrote something that I liked in calligraphy. It is really amazing to see how much it has changed over the past 7 months. I have never done much art type stuff and so I don't think I can draw/etc very well, but calligraphy is amazing, and I am finally realizing why people say I am good at it (to the extent that I have only been doing it for a short amount of time). But then, I do write about 5 hours a week.
In other art type things, I have started drawing a bunch, mostly because of architecture. I really like it. I think being an architect would be awesome, and I have some acquantances and books in the architecture/design world. My first job was working for the planning department of the Portland Office of Transportation, and that was great, I wish I could somehow combine those two a bit.
I had a nice talk with my counselor today, asking for an extension. I was originally supposed to leave at the end of January, but it looks like I got it extended until the end of March. I dont know all the facts, but I got the OK from WYS, which means I dont need to much more, and if WYS says OK, then I dont see why it shouldnt happen, but getting your hopes up sucks.

Thats about all I think of for now.



At 10:47 AM, Anonymous na said...

It's hard to type with a giant cat in your lap. Had to move Harley off to type. Now I'm just covered in fur. Ack. So, Peter, explain. You want to stay LONGER????? How confused can I be? 'Splain it, please. And how was the date?

Happy late T-day,


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