Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Busy weekend.

Skipped school on saturday. Hung out with the Norie (Julie Fukuda's sister) and we went and saw this park that had a bunch of old Japanese houses. She is an architect and so she could tell me all about them. Then we went and saw modern architecture at this cool museum. Then we went to this wacky dance thing where I met her husband who is also an architect. We had dinner afterwords, and they got me home about midnight, which my mom was fine with (!?).
Met her again on sunday and we went and harvested rice in a field next to the forest which was the inspiration for the forest in the movie Tonari no Totoro (My neighbor Totoro). That was fun. Then I went to the Fukuda's for another amazing dinner.

I also got a flu shot yesterday. In the kitchen in the house I am staying in, because my host dad is a doctor and my host mom is a nurse.

The first picture is of this little boy who was with us and he is carry the bundles over to my hung up. The second is me cutting the rice. The man in the orange is the father of the boy, and the woman in the blue coat was a friend of the owner of the field. I had a nice talk with her and found out something absolutely amazing. Here is how the conversation went.

She: I was once and exchange student in the US too!

Me: really! where were you?

She: Missouri

Me: really, I lived in St. Louis for a number of years.

She: really? I stayed and went to school in a suburb of St. Louis called Brentwood.

Me: HOLY SHIT! Did you go to Brentwood High?

She: You know it?!?!?

Me: my dad used to teach there!

She graduated from Brentwood in 1989, so she never met my dad, but she knew several of the teachers that I remember!


ps. Brentwood eagles, purple, gold!


At 11:01 PM, Blogger yr ma said...

What a funny coincidence about St. Louis and Brentwood High. So glad you got this experience to pick rice and spend the day with the Fukuda clan.

love you,
yr ma

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Nan said...

I can't believe it! My mom, from the teeniest town in Louisiana. No matter WHERE in the world we went, she'd run into someone from there, or who knew someone... My father, from NY, NY, was always astounded. Especially since it didn't happen to him, from the big place, but to her, from teeny town, Haynesville, LA. Way cool. Did you EAT the rice you harvested, that's what I want to know.



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