Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yesterday was super sweet. I didnt see the girl who i usually walk to the station with, but I got invited to walk with some of the other girls in my class. Typically, they go the other direction at the station, but yesterday, they went the same way as me. We chatted for a while on the train, and we hungout. We went to Ikebukuro, as they (three girls, 2 from my class, and one from teh international course) said they were going to see a movie and asked if I wanted to come. I of course said yes, as I would have been hella bored otherwise. So, we watched a japanese teen flick which wasnt half bad, and speaking of halfs, I understood more than that, and was super surprised. It was about some kids and they start a music group and of course at first they fail, and then they try something new and they succed, something about this one really hot girl who is friends with the lead singer but dating the lead singer in those one really famous group who they all love, and Konishiki was in it, which made it even cooler. The english translation of title is "Check it out, Yo" which has something to do with their music. I will say that I enjoyed it. We then walked a bit more around Ikebukuro and did the obligatory purikura. the english translation of that is print club. they are the photobooths that tons of people go into, and is a national pasttime, and is really weird. for example, guys arent allowed to take pictures by themselves. so we took some fun pictures, and then we got to decorate them. at the decorating booth, as we were leaving, they was a screen on the computer where we decorated the pictures. this screen absolutely takes the cake. I have seen some really funny signs here and there, and have started collecting pictures of bad english, but this was amazing. It was the obligatory take care of lost items sign, but this one had cute little drawings of things you might forget. the usual keys and wallet, coats, bags, umbrellas, and the not so usual................panties. It was unbelievable. I was rather shocked, and had to ask the girls I was with why this was. none of them gave me a straight answer. oh well.
I walked to the station with the usual cute girl and one of the girls who I hung out with yesterday, and we killed some time. I ate more japanese fastfood, which was pretty funny, but It was nice to hang out with friends. Next week is the huge holiday week, so we dont have school on saturday, so we will hangout again tomorrow after school. So technically today is my birthday, but i wont turn 17 until late tonight, I didnt really tell anyone, but the two girls I was hanging out with saw it on my ID card at the restaurant. whatever that means.

thats all i can think of. I am off to go eat something, and dont really know what to do else.



At 3:10 AM, Blogger BigLadyDog said...

Happy Birthday, Peter. From reading your latest, it sounds like it was a happy birthday, and you were teasing us when you said you really didn't know how to talk to girls.

I am amazed at how well you are integrating into this culture, when I don't even know the meanings of so many of the words in your blog.

Don't worry. You are educating me. I will get out my dictionary.

Have a great holiday, and keep having fun!



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