Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I gotta go!

oh you know, im chillin. I am doing fine sort of. I hate television. I enjoy enough to watch it, but I always feel really wretchid after watching it. I am also rather sick of books. I have been reading a book called Confucious lives next door. It is writen by the guy who was the Washington Posts east asian corresdonent, and is about his family living in east asian, which is interesting enough, but his experiences are very different than the ones that I am having. I have found somemany common asian sterotypes that are completely false. I cant pick up a book for more than 20 minutes and feel like I have wasted the time. There is so much in Japan that I can do, but its really hard to see it all. I also feel really let down by my program/host family, because they havent shown me anything about Japan, which really bums me out, becasue i dont know what there is to do. Thats about all i have time for, as I want to go explore as much as I can in the near by area. Thats another bum thing. I live way out in the boonies so it takes a super long time to get into the downtown part of Tokyo where all the happening things are.
Calligraphy was fucking sweet. There are 2 people in the class. Including me. 3 if you count the teacher. The other is a first year highschooler in the international course. she is in the same class as the other exchange student. pretty nice, and speaking of pretty, i keep walking to the station with that girl, but since I dont even know how to hit on girls in teh states, I have aboslutely no idea how to do it in another language. So, if you have an experience, please share. I realized today, that I am the one speaking the foreign language, and that Japanese isnt a foreign language because I am in Japan. It is really harde to grasp that the language I thought I knew so well is actually the strange foreign one.

If you have any advice on getting girls in foreign countries(or just in general) please share. Im sure a good companion would do me good.

Im off to explore.



At 5:40 AM, Anonymous old fat dad said...

Peter, you ought to have a look at feedburner.com, and consider using it to publish an RSS feed for your blog. not urgent, but maybe helpful to some eager readers. love,


At 6:29 AM, Anonymous rwloewi said...

Just politely approach here with a gomen nasai and explain you're a fellow student and wouldlike to meet nice Japanese girl. Tell her of your interestin biking, and take it from there. Love from your experienced grandpa!!

At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just politely approach her with a gomen nasai and explain you're a fellow student and would like to meet a nice Japanese girl. Tell her of your interest in biking, and take it from there. Love from your experienced grandpa!!

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