Tuesday, August 28, 2007


No cloud in weeks.

And then, on the one day that the full lunar eclipse is happening, there is no sky to be seen, just clouds.

An unexpected appearance of the not very rare nimbular (that isn't a word isn't?) eclipse, when the clouds block out the sun!



At 2:09 AM, Blogger nan said...

Usually in Oregon, we have clouds. Not last night! Full moon and clear as a bell(not rubbing your nose in it, but amazed that it was clear!). Missed all the cool meteor showers this year and last due to cloud cover. But the moon last night was very cool. It pays to have a bladder that wakes you up I guess. Didn't have to set the alarm. Saw it getting covered up, total eclipse, and then getting uncovered. That's 3, count 'em 3, potty breaks in about 4 hours. Hormone changes as you get older BITE! But not for moon viewing. And I remembered my binoculars earlier in the eve and set them out so I could stagger into the kitchen to look S/SW in my stupor. Cool thru binocs.

PhotoJ brushes with the famous: Tim, my tattoo artist bro-in-law's ex-wife, Sheri Hiser(or is it Heiser) is the ex of David Hiser, famous National Geographic photographer. She's also a photog, and thru them Jo & Tim have a passle(bunch) of photog friends of varying fame. Tim's sis is also married to a professional photog. We've had the very discussion re: digital transition. All the photogs who make a living at it have had to switch due to the very concerns you discussed with the camera store dude. I can't believe your language facility! Techno-talk and philosophy in Japanese. Sheesh. You could probably find really high-end equip on Ebay, non-digital, to play around with, being sold off by serious photogs selling off their non-digital equip. That's what another photo dude told me. Now that I think about it, I know a few less than a bizillion photographers. How did that happen? Kisses,


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