Tuesday, June 03, 2008


悩む、なやむ、Nayamu means to worry, to stress about something.



With the sort of loss of my little digital camera, making the second one I have killed in about as many years (its still under warranty, probably, I just can't find that stuff), and my really liking film, and my human desire to want things, I am spending lots of time thinking about cameras.

With the introduction of the D300, the D200 went down in price, but not are all but sold out.
The body costs about 1000 bucks.

But its a D200, do I really NEED it? Well, no, but I really WANT it.

I have all of the Nikon lens from my film camera, so it would make sense to get something like that

The step down (and the lowest step I will go to) is the D80, the body costs like, 7-800 bucks?

But I like film.
A lot.

So with my recent modeling career and seeing how terrible I look in magazines, I think I would rather take pictures than have my picture taken, and fashion is mostly done with medium format cameras. I can get a used film medium format camera for 3-400 bucks, but film and such gets expensive.

I spend so much money on film and developing, its really no surprise I'm losing weight.

Wait, no, that has to do with getting back on the bike.
I got dropped my a member of the Japanese National Team, but I passed a guy on a motorcycle dressed like Kamen Raider, the other day.




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