Monday, May 26, 2008

How dumb do I get.

I will write about my trip later.
I will write about this party I went to later.
I will write about how dumb I am now.

I went riding my bike today. Nice day, I thought I'd take a nice little ride. Didn't bring any tools, which I usually don't, but this time, I also didn't bring my lock.

So, I go riding.
I get carried away.
I start to push it.
I remember my cyclocross roots.
I forget that I am riding a track bike with skinny slick tires.
I continue to push it.
I ride down a gravel road.
A really long gravel road.
I flat.
I push it.
And when I say that, I mean push my bike.
45 minutes to an hour into my ride, I flat.
I have no tools, so I can't fix the flat, I have no lock so I can't leave my bike by a station and take the train home.
I forget that I have a bad back.
I remember my cyclocross roots again.
I shoulder my bike and begin to run.
About an hour and a half later, the sun sets.
I keep running.
After another hour and a half, it starts to rain.
More than 4 hours after I left, I return home.
And then I remember that so much of the pain that is in my back/shoulder/neck is from shouldering my bike in cyclocross races.

I need a strong drink.


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