Thursday, December 06, 2007


In calligraphy today, as is often the case at Soryu Sensei's class (, the last 30 minutes were games. The assignment was to write about 2007. What kind of year was 2007. Well, this can't really be done for me in a simple 1 or 2 character piece, like most people. So, I decided (and this took sometime) to do a 2 character piece for every month, which means 24 characters, plus thinking in all under 30 minutes, which was really hard! Anyway, that explains why the characters aren't nearly as nicely written as the last post, and also these are my own words and didn't have an example next to me to copy from. There are my words from my mind through my brush to the paper.

Read from the upper right, down, and then left, so it goes 退学 and then 探検 and then to 帰国
and so on.

January: I left school (the characters mean left school)
February: I explored (explore)
March: Returned home (return and then country)
April: A family member died of illness (sick death)
May: I spent with my older brother (older brother and then demon, just because!)
June: I graduated (graduation)
July: I have no memory of what happened, so I decided to go with fireworks! (flower and fire mean fireworks)
August: I met my calligraphy teacher (calligraphy)
September: I spent with my family (family)
October: I started working in architecture (architecture)
November: I was sad and I cried (cry and sad)
December: I will grow (growth)

At the end of the class, everybody gets one vote and we vote on who's work is the best.

I became the first non-Japanese student (I think he has like 340 or so students) to win.

Usually the student gets to keep the work, but the teacher asked if he could keep it and show it to other classes.


At 4:04 AM, Blogger nan said...

Wow. Wow.

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job, Peter! What an honor for you.

Alabama Barbara


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